1. This logo refers to full tracks (vocal and instrumental). Some of these are home demos put together in what I affectionately call The Upper Room (the smallest bedroom in our house!)

2. This logo refers to backing tracks (instrumental only). By and large, the flute or oboe plays the melody - and generally the introduction is 4 bars.  
3. This logo refers to the 'dots' (music manuscript) which come in pdf format. You will need Adobe Reader to access these. (Most computers already have this on - but it can be downloaded free from the Adobe site.)  
4. Please respect the copyright on items on this site. If you are registered with a music copyright scheme - such as CCLI - please include any usage on your return. Please consider registering with such a scheme by clicking the logo on the right!


I'm a full-time dad and teacher, so only get to this site intermittently. I'll do my best to update it, but I hope in the meantime you can find something that will serve you and your worshipping community!